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Is this founding team strong enough for the long term?


We’re the tool for investors to identify the strongest teams

Founders are key for sucess.

80% of failing startups fail because of a founder incompatibility in less than 2 years


With Elveo there’s no doubt because we tell you the match

Bet on the right horses

Elveo shows you instantly the ones that have the more potential. Being the first to find them makes you a step forward to sucess.

Gain time

It takes multiple meetings to assess founders. With Elveo you do it under 15 minutes.
By seing instantly the strongest teams, it’s easier to choose and prioritise deals.

Know their pain points

Each entrepreneur has a unique path for growth. Understanding it give you clear insights on how to advice them. You get key elements on their pains, their learning curve…

How it works ?

Send the assessment

Investors send the assessment to the team directly through their dashboard

Founders complete the test

Each founder complete the assessment in 15 minutes

You get results on your dashboard



We help you map the roles for founders. Elveo tell you which entrepreneurs as the more potential for a specific position.

How founders coop with stress

We measure how each founder coop with stress and how much they tend to be stressed. Useful to predict the long term sucess of team and give them tailored advices.

Understand what drives them

There’s four types of entrepreneurs. Each type match with different kind of products and ambitions. Elveo shows you how much they fit and which types to recruit.

Pick the right person to oversee the startup

We help you choose in your team someone to work with the startup. Since we know founders pain points, we can match the perfect mentor.

They trust Elveo

90% of startup we see fail because of a founder incompatibility

Oussama Ammar

The Family

Team makes it all, but how can you assess a team in less than an hour?

Romain Lavault