Identify great founders before someone else does

More entrepreneurs, more investors: being the first to identify great teams is a top priority

Elveo analyse founders behaviours to identify successful ones

Get convinced early

A data driven approach to answer your questions

Know founders potential

We assess founders learning curve to help you understand how fast they learn.

They may be imperfect today but you know how great they will become.

Choose teams that last

Most teams fail when stress arise.
Our analysis predict founders stress reaction to see how team relationships may evolve.

Forge your conviction

Use the personalised scorecards to assess founders weaknesses.
More than passive data to read, we give you actionable questions to use in interviews.


Are they ambitious enough?

Ambitious founders represent only 4% of the whole population. We can’t afford to miss them.
True ambition is key and it’s often disguised. We guide you to analyse ambitions that won’t stagnate

How strong their relationships are?

79% of founding teams breakup (Forbes, 2018).
We map possible pains by analysing founders egos, roles, ambitions and stress which gives you a clear understanding of the match

Which mistakes they will make?

Being convinced of a first time entrepreneur is tricky. The entrepreneurial mapping gives you a clear understanding of your bet: where their difficulties are and how you can help them

How fast they can learn?

Young founders have a lot to learn to be great CEOs.
By analysing scientifically their learning curve, you’re able to bet on their capacity to become better, faster


An unbiased behavioural analysis build with HR and psychological researchers.

We all know personality tests. They ask you direct questions like “how ambitious are you?” “are you organised?” and they draw conclusions from those biased questions.

The Elveo questionnaire isn’t about opinion, instead we ask the unconscious. Each questions tap into a behaviour your unconscious recognise. It’s so deep that some questions are impossible to understand according to who you are. That’s because your unconscious doesn’t recognise the described pattern.

Why Elveo?

A tool dedicated to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can’t be assessed like any other job. To understand someone’s entrepreneurial potential, you need to look at specific items that most HR tools can’t measure: balance between vision and execution, tangible ambition, learning curve and so on.

Understanding entrepreneurial potential

There are two kinds of behaviours: innate and learned. Entrepreneurship can be both. Understanding this makes you aware of someone’s future abilities, their path for success and how fast they can go.

Unbiased assessment

Personnality tests often ask you direct questions such as “How ambitious are you?”, “Are you organised?”. Instead, the Elveo questionnaire asks your unconscious by using words that appeal to your mind and resound differently according to your personnality.