Stella Walter

General description

With their keen powers of observation, their ability to take smart risks, and their strong sense of logic, this profile are natural entrepreneurs. They are drawn to entrepreneurship more than many others because they love the personal freedom and lack of restrictions and bureaucratic rules. They love being their own bosses, landing important business deals, and taking scary but exciting risks. They are good at networking, negotiating, and staying objective and practical.

Entrepreneur biggest quality

They have a natural charm, energy, and charisma that makes them excellent at networking and convincing. They are good at selling their idea, their dream, and their product while establishing rapport with others and generating excitement about what they have to offer. They are also good at working with what they have (associates, friends, tools, technology) to create opportunities and solve problems. They know how to move quickly and act with limited resources to make things work.

Entrepreneur biggest fear

Being abandoned or alone

Possible fears regarding partnership

Being in a long-term commitment. Thriving off excitement and nearly constantly seeking a thrill, they easily get bored and let’s be real. It can be hard to keep long-term relationships at this level of excitement

Motivations in the partnship relation

Finding someone exciting, always evolving and smart

Personal difficulties

  • Difficulties having a long term vision/plan
  • Difficulties at focusing
  • Trying to be too independent and be unable to be committed to someone

Your entrepreneurial type

Understand your entrepreneurial type and how to overcome your common pains

Executors excel at transforming founders’ ambitions into reality. They execute well but are less challenging of founders’ decisions.
Some of them are leaders while others are supporters. They’re essential in making a company grow. Since they’re more concrete than conceptual, they believe what they see and may test more than others.

Where you can excel

Common mistakes and how to overcome them

As an executor type, you excel at scaling ideas. That’s because you focus on day-to-day tasks while others entrepreneur styles may think too much long term.
It’s all about finding a balance, you may focus too much on actual tasks and forget the big picture, the vision you have for your company.

  • You may dedicate a lot of time working toward one goal and forget the big picture and use of this goal
  • You may work towards multiple goals at once without thinking about why you’re doing it
How to overcome it

You’re a concrete person, that’s why having a vision is strange to you. A vision isn’t a defined thing but more of a blurred idea. You’re not always comfortable with this because you like concrete things, not blurred ones. But you can improve it!

  • Each time you dedicate time to a task, ask yourself how it’ll help your company get closer to its meaning and vision
  • For you, it may be easier to think more about the company’s values than vision. What are your brand’s values? This will help you get closer to your vision.

As an executor type, you focus yourself on day-to-day tasks, which is great when scaling. Since you’re open minded, you keep yourself open to new things and it may trap you into having too many things to try, which makes you lose focus

  • Anything can stop you from being focused
  • You may even try to find distracting activities
How to overcome it
  • Use the pomodoro technique, less time but more focus each time
  • Take jobs and tasks where you can multitask and jump from one thing to another
  • Learn to say no, people may ask or offer many things that may distract you. It’s important to ask yourself “is this really worth it?”

Great strategists, jump from tasks to tasks easily

Geat at executing ideas, finding a path to sucess

Even better if you develop your vision and focus

Even better if you develop more introversion

How to work with me

Your cheat sheet to help your team work accordingly to who you are

  • It’s key for you to choose your own schedule and be free to change it
  • To jump into something, you need a clear vision of how it may work and which path you’re taking. You need examples to understand how an idea may work
  • The more you can do something while having fun, the more you will be involved!
  • You’re not fond of brainstorming. You’re a concrete person, you like examples to verify if a given thing is possible or not
  • Breaking the rules is a game you love
  • You’re good at multitasking and managing issues on the go

Screen this part and share it with your team!

My working style

You’re a great leader and supporter if you believe what you’re doing can work. You love being free to organise your own schedule and be open in your choices. Working closely with people is key to you, even more so when surrounded by smart, fun and audacious people.

You love multitasking and knowing how to do things. You like to be told how things work.

How your team sees you?
  • Friendly, fun-loving, and energetic
  • Adventurous and daring
  • Logical, realistic, and attentive