Antoine Regis

General description

If you’re looking for an entrepreneur with charisma, communication skills, and extraordinary vision, they’re true masters. They are enthusiastic about their dream, organized in seeing it through, and effective at building a team to help them achieve their goals. One of their greatest strengths is their ability to build rapport and excitement with potential customers and investors. They know how to see emotional needs and pain points and solve them with original ideas and plans.

Entrepreneur biggest quality

Caring, long term visionaries

Entrepreneur biggest fear

Can’t resolve conflicts and find harmony.

Possible fears regarding partnership

This profile are one of the most social entrepreneurial types. They are charismatic and dating a person who isn’t into the social scene is their greatest fear. You’ll require your partner to admire the social scene the same way you do.

Motivations in the partnship relation

Finding a person who really share your dedication for people and the social scene.

 Personal difficulties

  • Can let others choose for them
  • Can miss some details
  • Can follow their intuition too fast and make mistakes

Your entrepreneurial type

Understand your entrepreneurial type and how to overcome your common pains

Designers spend significant time to create and think about the aesthetics of the product. They will create every facing element of the company as well as the spirit of the brand.

They’re great at building B2C products since they know the importance of details and consumer experience in a product. They dedicate a lot of time working on it.

Where you can excel

Common pains and how to overcome them

As a designer type, you love working on the aesthetics and experience of your product. Which colors, how do we speak, the elevator speech, logos, values etc. Thinking about is great and even more when you can balance it with other business aspects.

  • Since you love your brand’s aesthetic, you may always be adding new features to enrich the experience of the product.
  • You may polish details and dedicate too much time on aesthetics and the experience of the product.
How to overcome it

You love brainstorming new ideas towards a vision. It’s a great thing to experience and try new things. It also means that you may need more energy to stay efficient and focused. Here’s what may help you:

  • Dedicate less time for each task and measure it. For example, if you want to add features or work on the brand’s aesthetics, use a stop watch and don’t work too long on it
  • When working on designing things, ask yourself, “is this nurturing my business?” ; “In which ways will my company grow if I complete this task?”

As a hustler type (secondary), you work towards a long term vision. You know where you go and you focus on it. But knowing where you are is key to go there.

  • You may forget actual tasks that’ll lead you to your vision, focus on how you’ll get there, not just on where you’re going now
  • You can brainstorm and clarify your vision but don’t do this all the time. Your vision will evolve with your product
How to overcome it

You’re a dreamer type of person which is such a great thing to motivate and inspire a team, but also to know where you’re going. When you dedicate too much time on it, you may lose sight of current tasks to achieve your vision. Here’s how to improve it!

  • Each time you think long term, ask yourself “how can we go there, which steps are needed?”
  • Dreaming about the future of your company is almost a passion for you. Try to criticise your vision: is this possible, how?
  • Dedicate a time frame for this “vision brainstorming” to stay focused on day to day tasks

Strong ability to lead towards a vision

Undertand well people emotions and behaviours

Head of sales
Understand and connect well with people emotions

Lead developer
Can succeed if you develop more introversion

How to work with me

Your cheat sheet to help your team work accordingly to who you are

  • The impact of what you do on others is of the upmost importance to you, you we have to think about the ways in which you’re helping people.
  • You love brainstorming about the future and working towards a defined vision. You like to be told where you’re going before asking how you’ll get there
  • Breaking the rules is a game you love if it’s useful for others
  • You love organising. It’s important to you to know your decisions will be listened to
  • Being surrounded by people helps you find motivation and ambition. You also need some time alone to focus and stay efficient, this is important to you

Screen this part and share it with your team!

My working style

You’re an excellent leader if you believe the impact of what you do has a positive effect on people’s lives. Working closely with people is key to you, even more so when you’re surrounded by careful, ambitious people working towards a positive outcome for others.

A job is an opportunity for you to communicate, share values and a vision. In work, you’ll seek ways to help team members grow and develop.

How your team sees you?
  • Kind, compassionate, and tactful
  • Expressive, responsive, and authentic
  • Imaginative, strategic, and visionary