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When building a team, you know you will face differences. A team member might not be as organised as you’d like them to be, another one might be very introverted and keep to themselves. This is a scary thing we’re all facing, scary because we’re all different and having to choose someone different is hard. Today’s article is all about finding talents within our differences and getting the most of them.

Why do we struggle handling our differences?

Deep inside us, we find differences difficult to handle. The reason is found in our brain: our behavioural differences are linked to brain interconnections, according to UCLA researcher Dario Nardi.
According to your talents, ‘zones’ of your brain more or less interconnected. The more you experience life, the more zones will connect. When facing differences (someone who has different connections in different zones), you’re facing the unknown and don’t know how to handle it.

Neuroscience of personality: how your brain shape your personality

How to recruit according to differences?

The trick is understanding what you can get by choosing someone who differs from you.
It’s important to understand that there is no good or bad behaviour, you just have to put people in positions where they can express their differences. For example: you may find some people unfocused but the reason why is generally their strong creativity. Give them the creative tasks or even better, make them a CMO.

To help you in your quest of talents for the right position, here’s a list of things you can see as “faults” and their associated talents you can use.

What you see as a “fault”Talent hidden behind
Lack of organisationAdapts perfectly to an ever changing job
Too much organisationCreates strong processes to scale faster
Not focused enoughCan brainstorm incredible ideas
Rigid with rulesScale teams with processes
Mostly wants to have funGreat leaders who motivate through fun
Focus too much on the long termVisionaries, motivate toward a goal
Not detail orientedEfficient planner, goes straight to the goal
Dedicate too much time on techBuild reliable technologies
Take others too much into considerationCreate harmony and engagement

These are some common “faults” you may see in others. When hiring, think about this grid and every time you see something that differs from you, ask yourself how you can use this talent.

A talent used in the right position is the best way to engage people, give them credit for who they are and drive happiness at work!

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