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Is this founder ambitious enough?

Is this founder ambitious enough?

Do you remember the last time you’ve asked yourself this?
Ambition is realised by using your vision and thinking long term.
And the thing is: people with a really strong vision are only 4% of the entire population. We thus can’t afford to miss out on real founders.

How to properly assess a founder’s vision?

Story: How ego made this team fail

Story: How ego made this team fail

Ego fights. It’s one of the most important subject to assess when you meet a team or recruit someone. Why? Because entrepreneurship is about fulfilling your ego.

By understanding how each founder accomplish ego, you can understand which team can match easily.

In this article, with the example of one team we saw at Elveo, we will understand what ego is and how to assess it.

[Film] How did riding a bike teach me the entrepreneurial mindset?

3 years ago, during the pointless year of the baccalauréat, 3 friends and I decided to do something crazy: riding 1000km in 10 days on our bikes. I’d only been riding bikes for a couple of months and no one believed in us.
So we’ve made a film to share something we’ve learned: you have the right to dream but there is only one rule: make it happen.
Looking back, we think this is a great way of explaining what an entrepreneurial mindset really is.

The 4 essentials for a solid founding team

The 4 essentials for a solid founding team

Having a rock solid team is the most important thing to find success. Whatever you’re an investor or entrepreneur, here’s the 4 most important items to check to be sure you can work at your best with your cofounders.

Persevering while difficulties arise – Théo, Smart Renting

We always say entrepreneurship is hard and Théo story is a great example of how to overcome it.
He’s quite the impressive founder. Building his first company while being in college, spontaneously deciding to go work with sleigh dogs in north Canada… He knows a lot about daring to try new things and handling day-to-day stress (and vital stress, too), a lot to learn from!