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The mindset behind a successful team

When building a successful team, we usually think about organisational hacks, better tools and new processes. These elements may help you, but the real thing is more profound. It’s all about your mindset: how do you work with people different from you? How much can you adapt your management for others?

The most common entrepreneurial mistakes according to who you are

It’s been almost a year since Elveo debuted and we’ve worked with over 450 entrepreneurs. Thanks to them, we’ve learned a lot about founders’ successful and unsuccessful behaviours.
Today’s article gives you the most common behavioural mistakes founders make, depending on who they are.

How to find founders who scale

In our first article we talked about the Marathoner entrepreneurial style. These people think long-term, strategically and perseveringly. Still, they’re not perfect, and you cannot form an entire team with only Marathoners. You can’t scale with people who...

People behind the companies – Baptiste, Phenix

In this mini-series, we’re interviewing founders and understanding with them the human journey of building a company. It’s about people and how they behave in order to build a successful company.

Baptiste is the cofounder and CEO of We are Phenix, a startup which helps companies build a more sustainable life cycle for your products by reusing old ones of any kind.

The first reason why founding teams break up

The first reason why founding teams break up

Many different areas make you match with your co-founders: trust, mutual esteem, dedication and so on. From what we’ve observed, the biggest factor is your relationship to power (do you absolutely want to be in charge or not) and the way you decide (are you deciding accordingly to your values, to stay efficient…).
In this article, we will dive into the four ways of decision making and what you need to know before choosing the best match.