Hugo Depart (sample)

General description

This profile is usually compassionate, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who take good care of their team and are tuned into the needs and desires of their customers. They are good at creating a community, so social media marketing, networking, and connecting with customers is an area where they truly shine. Pair this with their hard-working, detail-oriented nature and you’ve got a recipe for success as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur biggest quality

Compassionate and caring entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur biggest fear

Being abandoned.

Possible fears regarding partnership

Your fear in the relationship is being with someone who isn’t a social butterfly like you. You love to stand out and be the center of attention. You need a partner who enjoys being in the spotlight with you.

Motivations in the partnship relation

Finding a dedicated and passionated long term partner

Personal difficulties

  • Difficulties at having a long term vision
  • Hard to get the big picture
  • Can be too nice with people and put themselves in the shadow

Your entrepreneurial type

Understand your entrepreneurial type and how to overcome your common pains

Executors excel at transforming founders’ ambitions into reality. They execute well but are less challenging of founders’ decisions.
Some of them are leaders while others are supporters. They’re essential in making a company grow. Since they’re more concrete than conceptual, they believe what they see and may test more than others.

Where you can excel

Common pains and how to overcome them

As an executor type, you excel at scaling ideas. That’s because you focus on day-to-day tasks while other entrepreneurs styles may think too much long term.
It’s all about finding a balance, you may focus too much on actual tasks and forget the big picture, the vision you have for your company.

  • You may dedicate a lot of time working toward one goal and forget the big picture and use of this specific goal.
  • You may work towards multiple goals at once without thinking about why you’re doing it.
How to overcome it

You’re a concrete person, that’s why having a vision seems strange to you. A vision isn’t a defined thing but more of a blurred idea. You’re not always comfortable with it because you like concrete things, not blurred ones. But you can improve this!

  • Each time you dedicate time to a task, ask yourself how it helps your company be closer to its meaning and vision.
  • For you, it may be easier to think more about the company’s values than vision. What are your brand’s values? This will help you get closer to your vision.

As an entrepreneur, you excel at creating great products because you focus on details. This results in a great experience and well built products. However, this talent needs to be balanced since focusing on details can make you forget the big picture.

  • You may dedicate a lot of time working on details and get trapped in it
How to overcome it

You love when the job is well done and to you, a good job comes with an attention to details. This is a good thing and you can balance this energy from details to goals. This will help you understand which details worth it or not.

  • Take regular pauses and breathers to envision your long-term goals and see if the projects you’re working on now align with those. Don’t get so caught up in the nitty-gritty that you miss out on big opportunities!
  • Always ask yourself “Is this detail game changer for my end users?”

As a leader, you take decisions according to the impact it may have on people. That’s why your entrepreneurial style is appreciated as a leader.
But as a business owner you’ll need to prioritize looking at the objective facts, pros and cons, and most logical conclusions. You may have to do things which cause you stress: firing people, disagreeing with someone you care about, or being cooler than you’d like to be. Because this tends to be stressful, be sure you have a good support network to help you out during these times!

  • You may sometimes base your decisions on others too much
  • It may be difficult to you to make decisions
How to overcome it
  • Make sure to have a strong relationship with your cofounders and friends in order to get some support
  • Delegate these difficult choices when you can or at least make them with the help of trustworthy people/coworkers

Great at executing ideas and seeking details, good leader

Head of sales
Understand and connect well with people emotions, good leader

Understand well people, better if you develop your creativity

Lead developer
Can succeed if you develop more introversion

How to work with me

Your cheat sheet to help your team work accordingly to who you are

  • The impact of what we do on others is the most important thing to you, so you need to think about how you’re helping others
  • Walking the path towards a goal is a job you love. With ideas and insight, you’ll be able to find a way
    you prefer concrete things to theories and dreams. To be convinced by something, you need to see if it’s worked in the past
  • You’re not fond of breaking the rules or doing things in a brand new way, you prefer using proved and true methods from the past
  • You love organising stuff. It’s important to you to know your decisions will be listened to
How your team sees you?
  • Sociable, energetic, and empathetic
  • Organized and attentive
  • Committed to preserving favored traditions and memories

Your working style

You’re an excellent leader if you believe the impact of what you do has a positive effect on people’s lives. Working closely with people is key to you, even more when surrounded by careful people working towards a positive outcome for others.

You want to accept and help others so people feel comfortable and involved. You need to be sure there is time to hear everyone’s concerns so that the needs of each person can be accommodated.